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    AM Bench provides a continuing series of benchmark measurements, in conjunction with challenge problems to the modeling community and a conference series, with the primary goal of enabling modelers to test their simulations against rigorous, highly controlled additive manufacturing benchmark measurement data. AM Bench data are organized around well defined, comprehensive sets of benchmark measurements and are permanently archived for public use. The second round of benchmark measurements, challenge problems, and conference (AM Bench 2022) were completed in 2022. The best source of general information about AM Bench is the AM Bench website at

Steel Test Specimens
Build plate of AM-Bench 2022 test artifacts


    AM Bench was established to develop and execute benchmark measurements for all AM processes and materials. However, the requirement for highly controlled and quantitative measurements severely limits the number of benchmark measurements that can be conducted in any given test cycle. Thus, one of the key challenges faced by AM Bench is to select benchmark measurements that are both feasible and have the highest impact on the AM community. We thank the AM Bench Scientific Committee for the valuable advice they provided in selecting the final materials and processes that were used for AM Bench 2022.

    The 2022 benchmarks included 5 sets of metals benchmarks and two sets of polymers benchmarks. In addition, AM Bench completed the first trial of an asynchronous benchmark for metals that is not tied to the regular three-year test cycle.

    The sets of 2022 benchmark measurements include: AMB2022-01: IN718 3D builds using laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) AMB2022-02: IN718 3D builds – multiple scan paths (LPBF) AMB2022-03: IN718 single laser tracks and arrays of tracks on bare plates AMB2022-04: IN625 mechanical behavior (LPBF, follow-on to 2018 benchmarks) AMB2022-05: IN625 microstructure (LPBF, follow-on to 2018 benchmarks) AMB2022-06: Thermoplastic material extrusion AMB2022-07: Vat Photopolymerization A-AMB2022-01: Ti alloy and Al alloy laser absorptivity + melt pool dynamics

Steel Test Specimens
Local crystallographic orientations within a single leg of an as-built AM-Bench 2022 test artifact

    Referencing the AM-Bench 2022 Measurement Results

    AM Bench data are published both through traditional journals and through online data publications using the NIST Public Data Repository (PDR) at For the 2022 benchmark measurements, all data are being published using both mechanisms.

    Journal articles

    The AM Bench 2022 measurement data articles will be published in the journal Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, within the thematic section: AM-Bench 2022. These articles are expected to become available in late 2023. The AM Bench 2018 measurement data articles were published in the journal Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, within the thematic section: Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2018.

    Data publications

    All active AM Bench 2022 data links on point to data publications within the NIST PDR. Additional PDR publications will be released as they become available. Instructions for referencing PDR data are provided on the data publication landing pages.

Steel Test Specimens
Time above melting temperature measured in situ during AM-Bench 2022 build